A huge challenge for SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) startups is increasing brand awareness and creating a vibrant user base. However, these cannot be fully realized if the SaaS company has not achieved some kind of authority status in its niche. To ensure this, many SaaS companies now wisely opt for SEO strategies that would give their brand more visibility. 

However, of all the strategies available, perhaps none makes a business achieve authority status as quickly as link building does. Link building is basically having other websites refer to the content on yours. 

When this happens, it is a sort of stamp on your work and Google rightly recognizes this too. Link building in SEO establishes you as a ‘force’ in your niche and it guarantees a massive improvement of your SaaS company in search engine rankings and brand reputation.

So many SaaS companies now seek the services of the SEO specialist in order to generate organic traffic for their software and also increase their chances of being downloaded. Backlinks can be rightly earned if software developers follow the below-listed method of generating organic traffic.

Guest Posting

“… but only relevant, and high-quality content”. I’ve put this first because every other tip I offer here would be useless if this first advice is not followed. Make sure every content you publish is relevant to your company and of top quality.

A mistake some often make is writing top quality content on their own blog but not minding as much when writing on another. Yes, keywords are important but ultimately, it’s the quality of your work that gets you on top.

By pitching websites and guest posting 8 articles in 15 days, Adam Enfroy achieved the following:

  • Eight guest posts published on websites with Domain Authorities of 81, 73, 60, 66, 71, 61, 94, and 84
  • 32 new referring domains
  • 247 new backlinks
  • 268 new organic keywords ranking in the top 100
  • 372% increase in organic traffic
  • +12 to Domain Rating
  • Alexa Rank improved by 600,000

Avoid Black-Hat Techniques 

Many people engage in counterproductive SEO techniques because they don’t know enough about SEO or Google’s algorithms and terms of service. For example, writing a blog post that is promotional would most likely earn you Google’s wrath.

Keyword stuffing is not permitted; your keywords should appear in the text as naturally as possible.

Also, I have noticed it is better to make your link-building process slow and steady. If you use too many backlinks at once, Google’s algorithms might consider you spammy and… well, we know that never ends well. 

Write for Relevant Websites

Guest posting is the good old method for getting backlinks, and it remains so till date. As a SaaS company, you have no business writing for a sports news website, unless of course, your services somehow relate to that.

Apart from that, make a conscious effort to write for the authority websites in your niche. You could really use their influence. 

Renowned Marketing expert Neil Patel says, “all links are not created equal, so make sure you’re looking for the best ones to add to your site.” 

Write a Testimonial

If there is a website whose services you use regularly and love, you can request to write a testimonial that would be published for them with them offering you a backlink in return. Most companies would not object to this. Why? It’s a win-win situation for you both. 

Use Press Releases 

Press releases are a great way to boost your online reputation. You use them to announce all the big things happening in your company such as a major shift in leadership or landing a huge investment deal.

However, as you do, do include a backlink to your own site. This is even pretty obvious; why wouldn’t you, in the first place? 

Post on Social Networks

Posting on social media regularly, as a startup, improve your reputation and grants you influencer status. On social networks, you can contribute to discussions, join trends, and generally interact with your followers while adding links to relevant articles on your site.

It’s killing two birds with one stone: you are upping your SEO game and also building impressive followership alongside. Nevertheless, when doing this, take active steps to build a good relationship with your followers/customers by interacting regularly with them. 

Pitch Journalists and Influencers

Here is a secret, that is not really much of a secret. You can actually contact top journalists and public influencers in your niche directly to write about your services.

The authority of the individual would naturally drive attention to the article. And with a backlink to your site…voilà! Watch the magic happen as you draw traffic and rise in the search engine rankings.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) has become quite popular. Journalists flood the platform in search of the relevant and original information. If you have something to share, you can hit one of the reporters up. In return, you would get a link back to your site. 

Use Infographics

Infographics are a great way to compress a lot of information into easily digestible images. However, when you are able to come up with one, make sure it is linked to your website because that’s when you can maximize its potentials.

Anyone who clicks on the illustrations is immediately redirected to you, whose arms have been out wide, eagerly waiting for them. Done right, infographics may be the best content investment you’ll ever make. 


Indexation is the process by which search engines such as Google finds sites. For example, a search that is not indexed will never come up in any search results.

Therefore, before you have a backlink on a page, be sure the website is indexed first. Run a Google search of ‘site:example.com’ to determine this. I’m certain you wouldn’t like to waste your own efforts. 

Work on Your own Site

It must be noted that off-site SEO does not work independently of on-site SEO. They rather complement each other having a common goal of improving rankings on SERPs.

Off-page SEO is responsible for about 47% of ranking factors. That said, your SaaS backlinks to be fully effective, you have to ensure that the corresponding pages on your blog have solid content.

No matter how many backlinks you use, if your own page does not contain high-quality posts, your rankings wouldn’t improve. 


As a SaaS company, you probably might have been wondering how you can generate organic backlinks for your software. Pick up any of the above methods which work best for your company and engage in it with the determination of achieving the best result.

However, you can just fill the contact box should incase you want us to assist with any of the methods above.